Privacy policy


We respect your privacy and handle the personal information that you share with us carefully. 


In accordance with the Dutch Data Protection Act

In the processing of your personal data we apply to the Dutch Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (Wbp)). Our database is registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority under number 1474291.


You provide your personal information

When requesting information through this website you provide us with personal information. Also when performing our services we obtain your personal data. The obtaining of personal data can take place in any possible way, for example digitally (e.g. by e-mail), orally (e.g. by phone) or written (e.g. per post).

We can also receive your personal data from other parties which we cooperate with in the context of our services.

If you provide us with data of other persons, such as family members, then we assume that you have obtained consent from them.


We keep and store your data

All personal information you submit may be recorded and stored by us. Except the so-called 'special personal data' such as religion, race or political opinions. These personal data are only registered, in conformity with the Wbp, when we are required to by law, for example to identify you.

Your personal data may be stored both in hardcopy as digitally. Irrespective of the means of storage, we protect your data by adequate security measures against loss, unauthorized access, unwanted dissemination and any other unlawful processing of data.


Phone calls are being recorded

All our phone calls are being recorded automatically. This way we can easily capture agreements and orders, where we can be required to by law or regulations as well. Recorded conversations may also be used for improving our service.


We share your information with other parties

We exchange your data with various other parties is such exchanges stems from our services to employers and investment funds. Or it stems from laws and regulations such as the Act on Financial Supervision ((Wet op het financieel toezicht (Wft)) or anti-money laundering/anti-terrorism legislation. So we exchange data with, for example, banks, pension funds, employers, insurers, asset managers, financial advisors and auditors. Due to the nature of our services the data exchanged often contains information about your financial or income position. These exchanges may also take place to countries outside the European Union.

Furthermore we can exchange your data with parties to support the decisionmaking of parties regarding the entering into, maintaining and ending of business relations.

However, without your permission we never pass your data to other parties, which are not involved in our services or to which we are not required by law.


If you have any questions

If you have any questions or comments, want access to your personal data or want to submit a complaint, please contact us.